SOSU Nord is a Vocational Education and Training College (VET) in Denmark. The College primarily trains young people and adults to become Social- and Healthcare Helpers, Social- and Healthcare Assistants or Child Care and Social Care Assistants. SOSU Nord also offers a basic course and academic diploma educations.  

Basic course

The basic (pre)course is primarily aimed at young people and is an introductory course to: health, social care and child care. A basic (pre)course is flexible in duration and depends on the pupil's special needs and wishes. The typical length of a basic (pre)course is between 20 and 60 weeks.

Social- and Healthcare Helper (level 3, EQF)
Social- and Healthcare Helpers (SSH) are generally able to provide practical and personal assistance to citizens and their families in their everyday life. A trained SSH is able to contribute to activities that will help citizens to live a normal life, and they are able to carry out elementary tasks in the care and assistance areas.

A SSH assignments ranges from helping people get dressed, personal hygiene and activation to cleaning, shopping, cooking and elementary nursing tasks. A SSH often collaborate with a SSA and people from other trade groups to perform assignments of varying complexity.
Social- and Healthcare Assistant (level 4, EQF)
Social and healthcare assistants (SSA) carry out activation and care assignments on the basis of an overall approach to each individual person. They are able to observe, identify and take appropriate action in relation to symptoms of the most common somatic and mental diseases, and they are able to manage medication in accordance with applicable guidelines.

In addition, a qualified SSA is able to assess the need for basic healthcare and to carry out basic healthcare assignments without supervision in the care and assistance areas covered by the primary and secondary social and healthcare sectors. A SSA also coordinates work and participates in educational activities. Jason follows the social and healthcare assistant program..

Qualified SSH and SSA mainly work in home care organizations and at nursing homes, hospitals, hospice, psychiatric institutions and institutions for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Child Care and Social Care Assistant (level 4, EQF)  
Duration of education program: 2 years 3,5 months.

The work assignments of a Child Care and Social Care Assistant includes child care as well as care for children and adults with special needs.

The theoretical teaching includes pedagogy, cultural-activity related subjects, health studies, physical education as well as language, communication and psychology and social science. Practical training takes place in kindergartens, crèches, after school recreation and 24-hour care centers and other pedagogical alternatives.

The length of the theoretical part of the program is 54 weeks and the length of the vocational part of the program is 50 weeks.

Academy Diploma Education