The Organisation

SOSU Nord Aalborg is a big vocational college in Denmark with approximately 1443 full time students and over 7000 course participants annually.

SOSU Nord is a selv-govering institution employing about 240 people. The actual training and education is offered at two related colleges, each specialized to cater for some related vocational training programmes. All tuition facilities are located in or around Aalborg with a sattelit in a town up north, Hjørring. 

Main activites.

The main activity at SOSU North is the implementation of the national vocational social and health care education and training programmes in Denmark. These programmes are regulated and supported by the Ministry of Education and regulated by a large number og advisory bodies including representatives from the varius labour market organisations  representing both employers and employees.

SOSU Nords range of training programmes cover both the entire vocational training spectrum og basic vocational secondary courses for 16 - 19 year-olds as well as retraining and inservice training og skilled for both educated and uneducated adults.

The Danish Vocational Education and Training (VET)programmes all include a large element of work practice in a private or public employer. This is often referred to as the "sandwich model", as it comprises an alternation between college based training and employer based practice after completion of the basic course as shown below.