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Work Placement Abroad

SOSU Nord sends trainees abroad during a period of 5 weeks to 3 months, under the "Work Placement Abroad" scheme (PIU) which is financially supported by the Employers Reimbursement Fund (AUB). 

Work placement abroad

Work placement abroad for Danish trainees (apprentices) in Vocational Education & Training under the "Work Placement Abroad" scheme (PIU) is financially supported by the Employers Reimbursement Fund (AUB). The work placement normally lasts from 5 weeks to 3 months, but may be extended to cover a shorter and even longer period. For Social & Health Care trainees there is following model of work placement:

Support by SOSU Nord Aalborg, Denmark

The AUB covers some of the travel expenses for interviews, travels to and from actual work placements etc. according to the current rules for the work placement. SOSU Nord will assist the trainee as well as the foreign and/or Danish employer with all the necessary paper work to get the work placement officially approved and to obtain the financial support from AUB.

According to EU regukations, the trainee is covered by the national health insurance scheme of the host contry. However, the Danish trainee may remain under the Danish national scheme during the stay or take out a supplementary health insurance. This is the trainee's own responsibility, but SOSU Nord will assist her/him with information.

Using the PIU programme

The PIU-programme is open to all trainees who have completed a basic course in vocational education or have similar skills. Most of them are from 18-24 years old. Not all young people have the motivation to go abroad and work as part of their vocational education and training.  Trainees who decide to do so demonstrate a certain drive and determination, and what companies abroad can expect is a competent young person eager to work, learn and the face cultural and linguistic challenges in a new work environment. In addition trainees will bring professional skills from their vocational education in Denmark - and in some cases also solid work experience from a Danish employer. In some cases trainees can also provide new innovative welfare technology skills and knowledge from practises in Denmark that may be of value for companies abroad (SOSU Nord Futurelab).