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SOSU Nord Future Lab - vocational research

SOSU Nord Future Lab is part of SOSU Nord, North Jutland's Social and Health Education College. By establishing Future Lab, SOSU Nord seeks to add the human look to tomorrow's technologies, in the areas of care, support and educational theory. 

Future lab places SOSU Nord in the lead, as the link, which ensures that new health and welfare technological products have the human being at their centre, both now and in the somewhat distant future.

Additionally, Future Lab comprises the establishment of an experimental workshop, a centre where new technology can be presented to interested parties, and where collaborators may be invited to perform tests, analyse experiences and implementation of the technology.

Having the professional expertise from both employee and citizen perspectives, SOSU Nord's Future Lab is able to provide knowledge and competence in the areas of care, support and educational theory, in support of investigations and tests of social and scientific perspectives. For example SOSU Nord's Future Lab is able to cooperate regarding the implementation of robot technology.

SOSU Nord is able to contribute to the creation of a user-driven process of innovation, where local authorities, regional health authorities and present and future workforces may become involved in testing the attitudes and prejudices of all types of citizens, and thus play a part in influencing these citizens in a positive way.

Future Lab adds strength to SOSU Nord's educational programmes

With the establishment of Future Lab SOSU Nord also desires to sharpen the focus on pupils' professional and personal competences, so that they are able to accommodate the emerging technological workplaces of the future.

SOSU Nord has begun to include "innovation" in the pupils' timetables, so that innovation becomes a natural, integrated part of their training programmes.

Future Lab gives SOSU Nord's pupils a range of opportunities to participate in the development and testing of technological solutions.

You are most welcome to contact the undersigned for further information:

Bent Fulgsbjerg
Head of Future Lab
Mobile phone: +45 31 64 73 04