Workshop on portable androids and their applications


 The worlds leading roboticists got together for a workshop at SOSU Nord.

People are versatile. Thus research needs to be approached from versatile fields in many aspects. In this workshop, researchers from various fields, such as from engineering, psychology, philosophy, social care will presentede their ideas. Besides, researchers from different cultures such as in Japan, Denmark, EU and US got together to share the results and discuss future directions.

JST CREST presented the results derived from the trans-continental collaboration research project on teleoperated android robots and their applications. Android robots are robots that are made to appear similar to people. And teleoperated androids are androids that are controlled by people to be used as communication device. This project pursue the possibility that teleoperated androids will be a future cellphone device following the popular devices nowadays such as smartphones. These devices will be familiar to humans, and intend to fill the gap between people and information systems.


Click here to download program and description from the workshop

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