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About SOSU Nord

SOSU Nord is a major Vocational education and Training College (VET) in Denmark, providing official Danish state-recognised and certified VET programmes on EQF levels 3-5. Located in the region of North Jutland, SOSU Nord has two main college campuses located in the cities of Aalborg and Hjørring and satellite units placed in the cities of Frederikshavn, Brovst, Hobro and Aars.

The college employs a staff of app. 240 and provides education for app. 1450 full-time students annually - in addition to more than 7000 course participants.

The main activity at SOSU North is to provide the Danish national vocational social and health care education and training programmes:

  • Basic Introductory Course to Health, Social Care, and Child Care (20-60 weeks, pre-VET level)
  • Social- and Healthcare Helper (EQF level 3)
  • Social- and Healthcare Assistant (EQF level 4)
  • Child Care and Social Care Assistant (EQF level 4)
  • Academy Diploma Education (EQF level 5).

Our educations

The basic introductory course

The basic introductory course is an introduction to health, social care and child care and is obligatory to access the educations at VET-level.


Social- and healthcare helpers

Social- and healthcare helpers provide professional care, practical and personal assistance to citizens and their families in their everyday life. A trained Social- and Healthcare Helper motivates and contributes to activities and carry out elementary tasks in the care and assistance areas. Education duration 1 year and 2 months. EQF level 3.


Social- and Healthcare Assistants

Social- and Healthcare Assistants provide care and rehabilitation based on an overall approach to each individual. Social and Healthcare Assistants identify and take appropriate actions in relation to symptoms of the most common somatic and mental diseases and manage medication in accordance with applicable guidelines. Social- and Healthcare Assistants coordinates activities and work tasks and functions as the link between the citizen and the overall healthcare system. Education duration 2 years and 4 months. EQF level 4.


Child Care and Social Care Assistants

Child Care and Social Care Assistants take care of children or adults with special needs. They plan and implement meaningful and developing activities. Child care and Social Care Assistants take actively part in the wellbeing and personal development of children and adults with special needs.  Education duration 2 years and 3.5 months. EQF level 4.


Academy Diploma Education

Academy Diploma Education at EQF level 5 as well as a range of courses are offered at SOSU Nord as further education within the social and healthcare and pedagogical area.

International collaboration

SOSU Nord collaborates with a range of VET Colleges and partners around Europe and offers high quality work placement abroad to our students.
We also welcome students from abroad and can provide help to arrange work placement in the northern region of Jutland in Denmark.



Mette Christensen
International coordinator
+45 41550177


In 2020 SOSU Nord was approved as a UNESCO sustainable development goals school and takes part in the international UNESCO associated Schools Project network.

Being an SDG School, SOSU Nord is working actively with the Sustainable Development Goals throughout the organisation.

Visit the UNESCO ASP website for more information (UNESCO-ASP - the network for the danish SGD schools)

The Knowledge Center for welfare & Assistive Technology

One of two Danish Healthcare VET Sector Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE), The Knowledge Center for Welfare & Assistive Technology West Denmark (VFVV) is hosted by SOSU Nord, and managed in cooperation with 13 Social Welfare & Health training colleges covering the entire country.

The Knowledge Center disseminates its collected knowledge to support all colleges in putting welfare technology, simulation and innovative learning into action in new ways.

Visit the website of The Knowledge center for welfare & Assistive Technology to learn more.