D-Light Network

- shared development of innovative digital learning solutions for European geriatric healthcare skills

D-Light network
An ERASMUS+ KA2 Partnership Project: March 2022 - February 2024

Mutual Needs - Shared Solutions

Development of high quality digital learning solutions is difficult and costly for all of us on our own.

So, could it be feasible and realistic to share this burden by developing solutions together - for joint use by all - to specific VET Skills Development issues that are transnationally relevant for all of us?

This is the key vision behind the ERASMUS+ D-LIGHT Network partnership. We believe that by developing smart mapping and collaboration processes, we will be able to identify skills development topics that are relevant to all our societies, labour markets, and individual vocational education and training programmes for senior citizen social and health care.

And we are confident that we can - together - identify and showcase innovative digital ways to address these isssues, and co-develop these solutions for application by all.

We will publish all our steps, products, and recommendations, and you can follow our progress on this website (see NEWS section)